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Siganporia Brothers is a fine-food importer based in Mumbai, India. 


Since 1963, Siganporia Bros has been at the forefront of importing and distributing fine foods from across the world into India. The company has worked with scores of premium food producers from the UK, Germany, France, Austria, Switzerland, Denmark, Italy and Spain, to name but a few. Our core products include cheese, meat, fish, premium vegetables, pasta, mustard, vinegars and sauces. These are carefully supplied to supermarkets, restaurants and hotels and are available in all major Indian cities. We care about our food and know it too!


What's New

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Introducing All New Sheep Milk Pecorino from Italy.

Siganporia Bros is happy to introduce Castelificio Storico Amatrice. With over 50 years of experience, Amatrice offers their historic Sheep’s Milk Pecorino, in a variety flavours, for the first time in India. For a glimpse of the products, please visit our Castelificio Storico Amatrice's Page, or click below for details.

Castelificio Storico Amatrice products are available at our partner outlets today!

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featured Brands

Presenting many of the top European producers of meat, cheese, fish, vegetables, and pasta. Products are always sourced directly from the manufacturer and in order to control quality we own and control the entire supply chain. Select any brand below for more details, or see all brands for an overview of the companies we represent. 


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Our customer base includes top supermarkets, restaurants, hotels, and speciality stores in India. Contact us below for a full product list with relevant pricing for your company. 


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For companies interested in stocking or using our products, or international brands looking for distribution in India, please fill in the form below and we will write back to you in 48-72 hours. 

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